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Things to consider when you do an outdoor wedding

March 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Outdoor weddings can be so magical and romantic. The idea of the breeze blowing just slightly in the perfect setting is a dream. Envisioning all the wonderful and lush greenery along with the chairs all set up is something we all love to think about. Outdoor weddings are not for everyone but for those that want that perfect outdoor wedding, there are a few things to take into consideration!

The #1 thing that everyone thinks about is "what if it rains?" Well... what if it doesn't? The odds that it will rain on your day are slim but it is something that could happen. If you decide to get married outdoors, have a back up indoor venue, just in case. We have seen couples plan an outdoor ceremony and not take rain into consideration. It should definitely be taken into consideration unless you don't care if you and your guests are drenched if it does happen to rain. If your back up consists of a tent, just remember that rain loves to make the ground wet and it spreads and it will get very wet under the tent. Even though your guests may be dry, their shoes will not be.  Consider some sort of flooring in your tented area.

Ahhh... yes, we somehow forget how hot it can really get in the middle of August! A warm summer outdoor wedding sounds like fun but keep in mind the time of day, ages of your guests and will there be any shade? If your space has no tree coverage, your guests will melt in the sun. We have done plenty of outdoor weddings in the middle of the day and although it is very pretty, your guests will not be pretty if they are melting! It is good to supply some paper parasols for guests so they can shade themselves from the sun. Make your programs into fans so they serve 2 purposes. And provide bottled water. There is nothing nicer than to see a huge ice bucket full of cold water. The guests are always very appreciative and it makes sitting in the sun for an hour much more tolerable.

A noon wedding will provide TONS of light! The sun is up high and since it is up high, the light is harsh. You and your bridal party might be squinting due to the sun. Your guests may squint, too. There really won't be many shadows at all unless you under trees. Trees will created all kinds of crazy shadows and those shadows are not easily fixable. If you have tons of shadows all of your faces from the tree coverage, that is just something that was a part of your wedding day. If you decide to hold your ceremony at sunset, be aware of how quickly the sun will set. Also be aware of how dark it will get. There's nothing worse than 150 wedding guests sitting in the pitch black of darkness with no light being swarmed by mosquitos. Speaking of mosquitos, provide some OFF type of spray for guests, especially if you are near lots of greenery and water. It is a good idea to visit your wedding spot at the time you plan your ceremony. If you choose a 3pm start time, visit your venue spot and take some cell phone photos and look at them to see how bad the shadows may be. If they are bad, you may want to consider where you will be standing when you give your vows.

Critters, bugs and birds - oh my! Ah yes, mother nature is alive and she will do whatever she wants. Bees will come zipping by, birds will land where they want, squirrels will run down the aisle if they feel like it. These things are out of your control. You really can't control it but you can help your guests with some mosquito repellent!

Consider the location. Are you in a park? Hotel outdoor space? Garden? Is there road noise? Airplane noise? Noise from parties next door? Consider noise being a factor. It can ruin a ceremony and your guests won't be able to hear anything!

The main thing you want to remember with your outdoor wedding is making sure your guests are comfortable. Grand parents will need some shade. Kids will need water and guests in general will definitely want a fan! Adding a few things to make sure our guests are comfortable will go a long way! We highly recommend it!


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